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Our Story

Imagine you’re on vacation with your family. Put yourself on a cruise ship staring at the beautiful open sea of water. You head up to the top deck of the ship and notice a guy smoking a cigar - you decide to join him. You get to talking and you light up your own cigar with him. All of a sudden, you notice there’s something sticking out of the man’s cigar you’ve never seen before.

“What is that?” You ask.

“It’s a toothpick. It actually helps bring more smoke into cigars by letting in a little bit of oxygen as you inhale,” says the man.

Right then - an idea comes into your head for a new product.

That’s how StickTheStick was first imagined. Inspiration from one cigar aficionado to another out at sea.

About Our Founder

I’m Aaron Warburton. I’m a real estate agent by profession - but a cigar connoisseur by passion.

When I head into my local cigar lounge, I want to enjoy my cigar to the very end of it. I got tired of seeing half smoked sitting in ashtrays. So I decided to do something about this cigar epidemic.

I decided to use the inspiration from that vacation to make our signature StickTheStick cig-stick.

The process of using our sticks is simple. You get more smoke when you stick your cigar with a stainless steel stick. Enter in, StickTheStick.

My passion for cigars led me to creating luxury cigar kits for the cigar connoisseurs around the world.

I look forward to making your cigar relaxation time THAT much better. Contact us if you want to learn more or are looking for something to take your cigar game to the next level.

If you need any more convincing to try this awesome product, check out these interviews below I did back in 2021 at the Premium Cigar Association Annual Convention in Las Vegas, NV


Aaron W.


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