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Wholesale & Distribution

The owners of SticktheStick have extensive sales experience in wholesale and retail distribution channels.

Our business philosophy is centered around supporting those who support the most important component of any successful business: the client!
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Private Labeling

We have the capability to both design and supply your brand and logo on our entire product offering.

Due to specific expenses associated with this offering, we will have minimum order quantities required to both deliver a superior product but also keep costs down.

All you need to do is supply the graphics! We make private labeling easy.


The SticktheStick is designed to compliment the luxury market of cigar enthusiasts. The lines, functionality, price point and design are all geared toward adding sophistication and excellence to the cigar world!

Toward that end, the SticktheStick will be offered in a kit that includes a dual burner torch lighter, stainless steel cutter, custom leather packaging AND the SticktheStick.

SticktheStick Ambassador

Are you a cigar aficionado? If you have a dedicated social media presence and following we want to work with you. We understand the cigar lifestyle and believe that a cigar should be enjoyed to the fullest. 

To learn more about our ambassador program and how to become one, contact us today. 

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